Painting / -475 to -450

 Bearded man in a dance pose and female aulos-player on an Attic red-figure amphora vase.

470 B.C. approx.
The dancer holds a crook in his right hand and a parasol in his left hand. He could be an elegant visitor to Athens from Eastern Greece.

The Emporion Painter.
Two Pyrrhiche armed dancers and aulos-player. Attic black-figure Alabastron vase.
470 B.C. approx.

Dance of the Deliades.
460 B.C. approx.
Designed after a red-figure wedding vase from Rinia.

Pan Painter.
Two women dancers holding krotala.
465 B.C. approx.
Attic red-figured Philtre, purchased 1814. Provenance unknown.

The Plate Painter.
The little girl dancer.
460 B.C. approx.
Attic plate.

Dancers around a mask.
450 B.C. approx.

Boston Phiale painter (assigned to).
Dance lesson of two young girls in short tunics.
450 B.C. approx.
Attic red-figured hydria.

Curti Painter.
Dionysos with maenad and satyr.
450 B.C. approx.
Red-figure bell krater.

Ecstatic dance scenes.
450 B.C. approx.
Krate vase.

Ritual dance of the Camirion, Thebes, by men wearing animal skins.
450 B.C. approx.
Detail from a canthar, black figures on white background.

Banquet scene; woman dancing with krotala.
450 B.C. approx.

Eight Nymphs dance around Pan playing the aulos

Sculpture, clay statuette

450 B.C. approx.

18 cm height x 30 cm diam.

Musician playing the barbitos, a form of lyre. Nude dwarf dancing

Painting, terracotta, red-figure vase

18.7 cm diam.

450 B.C. approx.

Ancient Greece

Maiden dancing with krotala in front of goddesses. Krater drinking vessel

Painting, white figure, on a vase

475 approx.

Ancient Greece

Women dancing before an image of Dionysos. Terracotta lekythos (oil flask)

Painting, terracotta black-figure vase, white-ground

14.6 cm height

420 approx.

Ancient Greece, Athens

Man, boy and woman dancing. Attic red-figure skyphos vase

Painting, terracotta vase

17 x 30 v 20.2 cm

450 approx.

Ancient Greece, Athens